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Thanks for visiting our site! Church can be a really strange and unfamiliar experience for a lot of people. Our desire is that everyone would feel a sense of acceptance and belonging regardless of what they believe or what walk of life they come from. But like any newcomer, you probably have questions about who we are and what we are all about. Please explore the info below to help answer your questions.


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Pastor Jenn Turner

is the pastor of Cambridge Preston Church of the Nazarene, the site of the Freedom Centre and our board Chair. She is a recovering addict, with a wealth of life experience. She is experienced with conflict management and working with people in crisis and conflict with the law.


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Rev. Rosmary Redshaw

is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene and the Co-ordinator for the Freedom Centre. Rosemary, who is a strong advocate for the marginalized, spent 27 years working as a Chaplain in Provincial and Federal corrections. Her experience has given her exposure to the needs of people in crisis from young offenders, to adult men and women; and shaped her advocacy for the marginalized.


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We are guided by the SON of God, we prayerfully seek his direction in the all our steps. He is Risen indeed.